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Long Island Animal Hoarding Clean Up

When a person hoards animals, they see themselves as the rescuer of poor creatures needing love and care. However, when the number of animals become too many to truly care for, the animals quickly become malnourished and diseased and the home becomes overwhelmed with dirt, pests, urine, feces, and dead carcasses. Such conditions form a serious bio hazard and for the sake of everyone’s safety, the home needs immediate and professional animal hoarding cleanup.

Omni Clean is Long Island’s most trusted and compassionate animal hoarding cleanup service. We will help improve your quality of life with support before, during and after our service. With our expertise and knowledge on how to handle animal hoarding situations, we ensure the health and safety of yourself and others all while providing the highest quality of professional service.

Animal Hoarding Cleanup: How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

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Animal Hoarding Cleanup

When people are unable to take good care of the animals they keep, a home quickly deteriorates and becomes a health hazard to any living thing. With a wide variety of diseases and bacteria, it’s important for other people to step in and remedy the situation. Even after removing all the animals, cleaning up the home of an animal hoarder can be an extensive process. The biohazards the animals have left behind need to be professionally cleaned and the whole house decontaminated and sanitized before the property is livable for human or animal occupancy. As hoarding animals is often accompanied by other kinds of hoarding, biohazards can include:

  • Pests: A variety of insects and rodents including fleas, rats, cockroaches, and mice are often found in home with a lot of animals and can carry a wide variety of diseases.
  • Dead animals: Dead animals that have passed away are often found in a house where people have hoarded animals. As the bodies deteriorate, pests, bacteria, and blood-borne pathogens flourish.
  • Vomit: Sick animals often vomit and the diseases vomit carries can be extremely harmful.
  • Feces: Feces from pests, animals, and humans carry a wide variety of diseases and bacteria.
  • Urine: Particularly common with hoarding cats, urine builds up throughout the house and the ammonia is toxic to both animals and humans.
  • Rotten food and garbage: When hoarding animals, food is often left to rot as well and people don’t remove the garbage from their homes causing the area to be filled with disease and mold.
  • Structural issues: When a home isn’t cared for, the structure deteriorates and becomes a safety hazard to anything living inside.

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Cleaning up a hoarded home after the animals have been removed from the premises is not a task you want to undertake on your own. With all the potential biohazards lurking around, it’s imperative that the animal hoarding cleanup company understands the biohazards, where to find and legally dispose of them, and how to protect their staff as well as their clients. Our team at Omni Clean uses the latest in cleaning technologies to keep your loved ones safe. With personal protective gear and respirator masks, we use professional equipment, industrial grade cleaners, and odor neutralizers to properly clean the refuse left behind and we know how to make sure the area is truly clean and safe to use.

Here at Omni Clean, we pride ourselves on the integrity, responsibility, and safety of all individuals involved in our mission of caring for our clients, their pets, and their families. We always act with the utmost respect for every person and animal and know there is a reason our clients have so many pets. At Omni Clean, compassion is our passion.

Rehoming the hoarded animals on Long Island

If you are thinking about rehoming some of the hoarded animals, here are some places that you can call on Long Island:

  1. Last Hope Animal Rescue – Long Island – Last Hope is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of stray, abandoned and death-due pound animals.
  2. ARF – East Hampton – ARF actively rescues cats and dogs, provides quality care and offers sanctuary until loving homes can be found.
  3. Save a Pet Foundation – Port Jefferson Station – Save a pet, build a family.

Call Omni Clean at (516) 580-3775 to discuss your options and to schedule a FREE IN HOME ESTIMATE. All calls are confidential, and you will speak directly with the owner to determine how we can help.

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