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3 Types of Hoarding Cleanup Companies

With our fast-paced lives, the items in our homes can build up to overwhelming amounts. Whether you want to clean out a storage room, lessen the amount of belongings in your home, or need help sorting through the towering piles of boxes, Omni Clean is here to help you through the process by doing the work and giving you a clean start.

As the leading clutter cleanup specialists on Long Island, we have been fortunate to help many individuals restore their homes and lives. With practical solutions to help you reclaim your space in everything from a studio apartment to a three story home, our experienced professionals will sort through the items and help you determine what to keep, sell, and dispose of so you can make a fresh start.

Clutter Cleanup: How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

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Why Hire Professions to Clear the Clutter?

When faced with the task of cleaning out a large amount of clutter, it becomes much easier when you don’t have to face it by yourself. We will sort out the clutter for you so you can take back your Long Island home today and live your life the way you want.

In addition to the emotional help of not having to go through so many items, we know from years of experience there can be hazards hidden in the clutter you aren’t aware of such as pests, dust, and sharp objects. As our experienced team of clutter specialists clean and sort, we know what precautions to take in order to avoid potential injury so you and your valuables are safe.

Rely on Omni Clean for fast, superior service

Our team at Omni Clean have years of experience cleaning out everything from moderate clutter to hoarding cleanup. In addition to protecting you from potential hazards, our Long Island clutter cleanup services include:

  • Compassionate Service: We understand how sensitive it can feel to let someone in to go through your belongings or the belongings of a loved one and so we treat your information and privacy with the utmost respect and confidentiality.
  • Valuable Item Retrieval: All our professionals are trained to find cash, jewelry, collectibles, family keepsakes, photographs, sentimental items, lost belongings, and other valuables so nothing important to you is lost.
  • Document Retrieval: Wills, passports, and birth certificates are some of the documents we keep a watchful eye for as we work through the clutter.

We at Omni Clean pride ourselves on the integrity, responsibility, and safety of all individuals involved in our mission of caring for our clients and their families.

Whether it’s one room or an entire house, we’ll listen to your specific needs and help with the process from beginning to end. At Omni Clean, compassion is our passion.

Biohazard Cleanup in NYC & Long Island

Available 24/7 / We can be there within an hour

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  • Speak directly with a certified biohazard technician to assess your needs
  • Typical response time for all emergency calls will be within an hour
  • Insurance will cover 95% of the cost in most cases
  • We guarantee our work and will provide a comprehensive & detailed job scope


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