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Long Island Estate Cleanout and Preparation For Sale
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  • Preparation for Sale

As the leading estate cleanup specialists on Long Island, we offer a complete estate cleanout service for family and friends who need help cleaning out a property and readying it for sale.

When a loved one dies and you’re faced with the overwhelming task of cleaning out their house or apartment, it’s hard to know where to start. Going through all the rooms full of their belongings, let alone the addition of business, storage locker, garage, or outdoor shed, is an emotionally and physically draining experience for those already filled with grief. On top of working, taking care of a family, and managing your own household, cleaning out another’s household can certainly be a lengthy and exhausting process.

Our experienced team at Omni Clean is here to help with the process from beginning to end. Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment or multi-story house, we offer a practical and easy solution to take the project off your shoulders. With Omni Clean, you can rest easy knowing your loved one’s belongings are in good hands.

Estate Cleanout: How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

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Most cases are covered by insurance. We will bill the insurance company directly.

That’s it! We do all of the cleanups and dispose of all the biohazardous material.

Estate Cleanout

From finding precious mementos to cleaning up the landscape, our services include:

  • Documents and Valuable Retrieval: Our staff is trained in finding important documents and valuables for the executor of the estate so you can be confident nothing of significance is lost.
  • Sorting Through Items: We’ll sort through all the belongings of the deceased into what needs to be saved, sold, donated, recycled, and thrown away.
  • Responsible Recycling: We do our utmost to donate and recycle everything possible so as little gets thrown away as possible as we strive to be good stewards of the earth.
  • Respectful and Compassionate Service: Understanding this is a sensitive time, our compassionate team is respectful of you and your loved one’s belongings as we clean and sort with integrity and efficiency.
  • Preparation for Sale: Once everything is sorted, we deep clean the entire property, interior, and exterior, along with completing any needed painting and repair so the property is ready for sale.

Biohazard Cleanup in NYC & Long Island

Available 24/7 / We can be there within an hour

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  • Speak directly with a certified biohazard technician to assess your needs
  • Typical response time for all emergency calls will be within an hour
  • Insurance will cover 95% of the cost in most cases
  • We guarantee our work and will provide a comprehensive & detailed job scope


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