Vehicle Decontamination Cleanup – NYC & Long Island

Emergency Vehicle Decontamination Cleanup

Project Description

Sometimes it happens…. Your car, boat, or airplane gets contaminated with blood, bodily fluids, vomit, or feces due to an accident, illness, traumatic event or crime. Vehicle cleanup must be done carefully to maintain the integrity of the mechanical parts while removing and decontaminating any and all potential biohazards.

We work with individuals, businesses, insurance companies and private industry to ensure that the biohazard is cleaned up properly and according to the strict guidelines and protocol set out by OSHA and The NYS Dept. of Health. Omni Clean is fully licensed and trained to ensure the proper handling and disposal of Biohazard material. Omni Clean is the go to vendor for the decontamination and sanitization of Suffolk County Police Dept. fleet of squad cars.

Why Choose Omni Clean?

Omni Clean is the vendor of choice by most insurance companies and has experience working with the NTSB and FAA on large scale and active investigations.

Our technicians are experienced in decontamination, disinfection and cleaning of cars, trucks, boats, aircraft and heavy equipment to ensure that all parts, crevasses, surfaces and areas are cleaned and decontaminated properly.

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