Sewage Backup Cleanup Services – NYC & Long Island

Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

Project Description

Proper inspection, disinfection, & remediation are all necessary in the cleanup of a sewage spill to ensure your safety.
Sewage Backups can sometimes manifest within existing plumbing or can be identified as a constant faint sound of running water accompanied by a foul odor when you run your water or flush the toilet.

When raw sewage backs up into the home or floods the property, it not only creates and unpleasant odor, but presents potential health and safety hazards. When a sewer line backs up in a house or a building it is an unwanted collection of a variety of sewer lines from multiple homes and businesses that contains bacteria and possibly diseases and other virus based contaminates.
Using an extractor and household disinfectant alone are not effective enough to ensure that the area is free of health hazards. Sewer water can travel under flooring, be absorbed into the walls, and seep inside appliances.

Proper Sewage Removal includes the Following Steps:

  1. Sewage water and debris needs to be extracted. This has to be done with industrial equipment and transported to an approved site.
  2. Removing and disposing of any absorbent materials that came in contact with the sewage. That includes carpets and furniture. In most cases, walls are also included in the absorbent materials. All debris must be bagged correctly since it is considered biohazard.
  3. Power washers, disinfectants and brushes are used for sewage cleanup.
  4. Structural drying and dehumidification.

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Omni Clean is free of any Fines, Lawsuits, and Reports from The Better Business Bureau. Bio-One NYC has the necessary experience, training, and safety compliance to perform any Biohazard Cleanup with Professionalism, respect, and immediate sense of urgency for our clients. Omni Clean is fully Licensed, Bonded, & Insured and Follows all Federal & State Protocol for the Proper handling and disposal of any Biohazard Decontamination.

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