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Odor Removal

Project Description

Many things can cause a bad odor in a home or business to linger. Pets, animal urine, cigarette smoke, spoiled food, garbage, sewer backup, the aftermath of a fire, and the pungent odor of a decomposing body are many examples.

We recognize and understand that these odors are typically difficult to remediate under the circumstances. One common scenario we come across involves people who have “tried everything” to get rid of a smell, but are still left with lingering scents that just don’t seem to go away.

First, we remove or clean the source of the odor. In some cases, this means removing the carpet, pad or flooring to reach the source of the odor, particularly when dealing with pet urine. Next we select the best odor removal treatment and process that will produce the best results.

One effective option is providing Ozone treatment that may be used on its own or in combination with other treatments depending on the situation. Ozone treatment removes odor by destroying the molecules, bacteria, and spores that cause unpleasant odor. Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive molecule and is very quick to chemically react with particles in the atmosphere and on various surfaces.

Ozone treatment chemically breaks down the odor-causing molecules wherever air flows, effectively “cleaning” the odor causing bacteria in the air, walls, ceilings, ductwork, carpet fibers, gaps between floorboards, cracks in walls, and more. Ozone is able to penetrate these areas and destroy the odors effectively and in many cases on a permanent basis.

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