Hoarder Cleanup

hoarder cleanup services

Hoarding is the excessive collection and retention of things, or animals, until they interfere with day-to-day functions such as home, health, family, work and social life. We offer a variety of hoarder cleanup services.

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  • Asset Recovery
  • Document Retrieval
  • Extreme Cleaning & Odor Neutralization
  • Content Removal (furniture, electronics, appliances)

Hoarding Cleanup Services: How it Works

We often get asked how it works, and so here is how it generally happens:

  1. Call us at (516) 580-3775
  2. We will discuss your situation, and then send a member of our team out to give you a FREE estimate, that’s right – it’s FREE!
  3. Actual Cleanup time typically takes 1-2 days

That’s it! We do all of the cleanup and dispose of all the unwanted items.

Hoarding Cleanup Photos – Before and After

Hoarding Cleanup Before and After 1

Hoarding Cleanup Before and After 2

Estate Cleanout and Preperation for Sale

We offer a complete Estate Cleanout service for family and friends that need help with the cleaning a property and readying it for sale. Often times this is a difficult time for family and friends, who have to sort through the estate items and determine what they will keep, sale, and dispose of. We at Omni Clean are experienced in this and are here to help with this process.

How Omni Clean Can Help

We understand that this type of cleanup can sometimes be overwhelming for our clients and their families and have experience with numerous hoarding cases. Severe clutter can cause undue shame or embarrassment, but our team of highly trained professionals are here to meet each and every situation in a caring and non-judgmental manner.

As the leading hoarding cleanup specialists in NY & Long Island, we have been fortunate to help many individuals restore their homes and lives. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a 3 story home, we will come up with a practical solution for all your clutter needs in order to reclaim your space.

Omni Clean prides ourselves on the integrity, responsibility, and safety of all individuals involved in our mission of caring for our clients and their families. We never refer to any of our client’s items as “junk” to be removed. We completely understand that there is a reason for our clients need to collect and that some things are just more difficult to part with than others. At Omni Clean Compassion is our Passion.
Call Omni Clean to discuss your options and to schedule a FREE IN HOME ESTIMATE. All calls are confidential, and you will speak directly with the owner 24/7 to determine how we can help. Need more information? Check out our Hoarding Cleanup FAQ’s.

Why Choose Us for Hoarder Cleanup Services?

We are NY’s most trusted and compassionate hoarding cleanup services. Omni Clean will help improve your quality of life with support before, during and after the cleanup process. Our expertise and knowledge in handling both hazardous and non-hazardous bio waste will ensure the health and safety of yourself and others all while providing the highest quality professional service guaranteed.

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